Welcome to Peaks Island, Maine!

Are you a lifelong islander? Or are you planning your first day trip? This is where you will find local businesses and services, community organizations, a calendar of upcoming island events, the latest news from the Peaks Island Council, photos, maps, and a blog.

This site was built by the people of Peaks Island to share the best of our bit of Casco Bay, so you will also find lots of local insight into island life (and tips for tourists).


Islands create community.

The success and sustainability of Peaks Island depends so much on the commitment island residents and visitors make to use their purchasing power and their personal gifts to support the island.

The businesses, organizations and individuals featured on this site have wonderful goods and services all while facing the logistical challenges that come with island life. This site would not be possible without their help.

Whether you live here or simply love to visit, please join us in supporting our site sponsors.