Peaks Island Council Update April 7, 2024

Peaks Island Council update:

FEMA reporting, Electrify Everything, PIC Committees

FEMA reporting

FEMA has arrived in Maine and is sending the PIC regular information for the public about applying for assistance, record-keeping, appealing decisions, etc.

We have compiled those documents in a folder that you can find here. We will continue to update the folder with any updates that are provided. A link can be found at as well.

Some basic information on applying for assistance is below.

There are several ways to apply for FEMA assistance:
– Visit a Disaster Recovery Center. To find a center close to you, go online to: DRC Locator, or text DRC along with your Zip Code to 43362 (Ex: DRC 04074)
– Call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362. Help is available in most languages. The Helpline is available daily from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET.
– Go online to (also in Spanish).
– Download the FEMA mobile app (also in Spanish), available at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

To view an accessible video on how to apply visit Three Ways to Register for FEMA Disaster Assistance – YouTube

For the latest information on Maine’s recovery from the severe storm and flooding from January 9-13, visit Maine Flood Resources And Assistance Hub and 4764 |

Electrify Everything rebates

The City of Portland has annouced a third round of its Electrify Everything! program aimed at helping Portland residents lower their energy bills by improving their home’s energy efficiency. The program offers all residents, whether they rent or own their homes, an opportunity to get reimbursed for products that can be purchased from the local hardware store and installed without needing to hire a professional.

Find the full program details, list of eligible products, and additional money and energy-saving resources on our website at:

Electrify Everything! is an ongoing City of Portland program designed to help residents use energy more efficiently, stay comfortable in their homes, lower energy costs, and reduce our City’s carbon footprint.More info can be found on the PIC public drive here:

2024 PIC committees

We are actively seeking members and support for our myriad of committees. If you’re interested, please contact the chair person or write

  • Anti-Racism, chaired by Jess Burton
  • Environment & Sustainability, co-chaired by Scott Mohler and Owen Davis
  • Ferry Service, chaired by Fred Somers
  • Housing & Zoning, chaired by Laura Glendening with Jerzy Sylvester and Peter McLaughlin as PIC liaisons
  • Island Assessment, co-chaired by Fred Somers and Jess Burton
  • Jetport Flight Path, chaired by Basil Klosteridis with Fred Somers as PIC liaison
  • Paper Roads, chaired by Garry Fox
  • Parking, chaired by Shelagh Reiser
  • Short Term Rental, chaired by Jerzy Sylvester

Upcoming committee meetings:

  • Housing & Zoning Committee meets every first Thursday at 6pm at Baba’s. Contact for more information.
  • Paper Roads Committee is meeting regularly over Zoom. Contact for more information.
  • Short Term Rental Committee is holding its first meeting Tuesday, April 9th at 6pm at 159 Central Ave. Contact for more information.

New Peaks Council “website”

The PIC is now has a Linktree website where you can easily access everything PIC: meeting minutes, budget documents, contact info, email archives, meeting schedule, and more.

Give it a spin at:

March meeting recap

At our March meeting we…

  • received news that the City Manager approved our $45,000 PIC budget
  • reported that the City’s legal team has reviewed our PIC ordinance revisions and will be sending them to the City Council
  • voted to sunset the Ordinance Review Committee and fold ongoing work into the Executive Committee
  • approved Jerzy Sylvester as PIC liaison to the Housing & Zoning Committee
  • discussed revisions to our budget criteria

Related documents and minutes can be found on the PIC Public Drive

PIC quick-links:
– Check out our new “website” at

– Our monthly meetings’ Zoom is
– A digital archive of PIC meeting minutes, agendas, and materials is now available on our public Google Drive.
– Recent PIC email updates can be found here.
– Our emails can be found on the City’s PIC page. The full council can be reached at

The 2024 PIC is:
Peter McLaughlin, chair
Fred Somers, vice chair
Jerzy Sylvester, secretary
Jess Burton
Garry Fox
Scott Mohler
Shelagh Reiser