Exploring the Charm of Peaks Island in Autumn

As the air turns crisp and leaves don their red and golden hues, there’s no better time to escape the bustling city and embrace nature’s seasonal transformation. Nestled just off the coast of Portland, Maine, Peaks Island stands as a quiet retreat for those seeking a quintessential autumn getaway.
Peaks Island, known for its serene beauty and tranquil ambiance, takes on an entirely new charm as summer crowds disperse, making way for the magic of autumn.
The island’s compact size makes it ideal for exploration by foot or bike. Travel along the rugged coastline, where waves crash against weathered rocks – Peaks Island is a rare place in Maine with coastal access.  Take a leisurely  hike through the many trails in the woods (see MAPS).   Capture the vistas from Battery Steele, a former military fort turned lookout point. The panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, framed by fiery foliage, provide an excellent backdrop for your snapshots.

Photo © Curtis Rindlaub

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, warm up with a cup of hot apple cider or beverage of your choice or indulge in a snack from the island’s local cafes, restaurants or Hannigan’s Market.
Don’t forget to explore the artistic side of the island too – galleries and studios often feature the work of local artisans.
Many businesses curtail their hours after Labor Day so be sure to check.
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