Peaks Island Beaches

Peaks Island: Public Beaches

Not to start on a down note but  – public beaches on Peaks are limited.  Also all but one lack toilet sand none have shower facilities.

In Maine, beaches are private property to the LOW water mark. Homeowners generally tolerate people walking along their beach but unless you are fishing or clamming you don’t have the right to beach access.

Sandy Beach is on the South Side of the Island and is marked on the map as location 8.   MAP  It overlooks Whitehead Passage and Cushing’s Island  and true to its name is a rare Maine sandy beach.  Access is down a rather steep ramp, not accessible for people with disabilities.

One of the island’s most popular public beaches is Centennial Beach, somewhat rocky but also with sand that gently slopes into the water, making it an ideal spot for swimming and building sandcastles with loved ones. On the North side of the Island it can be accessed by taking Island Avenue past the school to to City Point Road — NOT Centennial St.   However this is not a public beach, it is owned by Central Maine Power, and they do occasion shoo people off.

Cairn Beach,  location 16 on the MAP, is a rocky area where you can enjoy tide pools and building rock cairns and sculptures.  You can’t swim there though

Cairn Beach

The beach to the right of the Ferry Pier as you exit also is used by the public,  its not clear who owns it but its below City property so probably owned by the City.  Its not far from the public toilets, a plus.