ReCode: Island Zoning Survey

As a follow-up to our March conversation with the Planning Department, the ReCode staff has asked for input from Peaks Islanders to help inform their rewrite of the Portland land use code.

The questionnaire should take about 10 minutes to complete, and is designed to gather feedback specifically about potential changes to island zoning across all of the islands. The ideas in the questionnaire were developed by the ReCode consultant, and were informed by the City’s comprehensive plan, Portland’s Planas well as island stakeholder feedback.

The survey will remain open until September 12th. It can be filled out here

September PIC meeting

Our monthly PIC meeting is Wednesday, September 28th at 6:15pm. Our August meeting had to be postponed due to lack of quorum, so please know our September meeting may be longer than a usual PIC meeting.

On the agenda, we will have…

  • updates on expanded IR zone parking on Thames St
  • the Peaks Island Taxi’s grant application for an electric vehicle
  • the Housing & Zoning committee’s proposal for a zoning consultant
  • a proposed ordinance change to shift the length of terms for appointed terms to the PIC
  • discussion returning to in-person PIC meetings
  • PIC recommendations to the City’s 5-year capital plan
  • discussion of the short-term rental referendums

…and more still to be added. The full agenda and meeting materials will be found on our public Google drive once they are finalized.The Zoom link for our monthly PIC meetings is (although special meetings always have their own Zoom links!).

Passcode is “0000”. The full Zoom information can also always be found at the bottom of the agenda.

PIC quick-links:
– Our monthly meetings’ Zoom is
– A digital archive of PIC meeting minutes, agendas, and materials is now available on our public Google Drive.
– All PIC email updates can be found here.
– Our emails can be found on the City’s PIC page. The full council can be reached at

The 2022 PIC is:
Peter Eckel, chair
S.E. Rafferty, vice chair
Peter McLaughlin, secretary
Fred Somers
Jerzy Sylvester
Natasha Markov-Riss
Scott Mohler

Jetport Flight Path Committee

The Jetport Flight Path Committee has put together a petition asking the City of Portland and the Jetport to engage in a collaborative process with the Casco Bay Island communities to solve issues created by increased air traffic in recent years. The Flight Path committee is pushing for over-water flying as much as possible. Please consider signing the petition here:

For more information, please read this letter from the committee chair, Basil Klosteridis.

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